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Cooling Tower Fan For Marley

Cooling Tower Fan For Marley

The fan of Marley cooling tower adopts hollow aluminum alloy extruded blade, and the fan is adjustable angle type, which can meet the different requirements of customers on air volume and other process aspects.

Cooling Tower Fan For Marley

Function Of Cooling Tower Fan For Marley

The industrial cooling tower fan is basically upward suction, and the purpose is to take away the heat emitted by the cooling water after contact with the air. When installing, pay attention to the concave surface upward, and then turn clockwise when looking down. Both cross flow tower and counter flow tower are upward suction, which not only takes away the heat, but also forms an upward force to reduce the splashing of water drops!

Installation Of Cooling Tower Fan For Marley

a. The foundation of the fan shall be horizontal and firm, and the height of the foundation shall be ≥ 200 mm.


b. The fan and the air duct shall be connected by flexible hose (flexible material and non combustible), the length shall not be less than 200 mm, and the pipe diameter shall be the same as the inlet and outlet size of the fan. In order to ensure that there is no distortion of the hose during the operation of the system, the tightness of the hose should be appropriate. For the canvas hose installed at the suction end of the fan, it can be installed slightly tight to prevent the fan from being sucked in during operation and reduce the cross-section size of the canvas hose.


c. The steel support of the fan must be fixed on the concrete foundation, and the rubber damping pad must be added between the steel support and the foundation. All the fan and motor components are installed on the whole steel support, and the steel ground frame is installed on the damping pad on the top of the foundation. The damping pad should preferably be multi hole rubber plate.


d. The diameter of the outlet of the fan can only be larger, but not smaller. Finally, the outlet should be installed with insect proof net, and the rain cap should be added when it is inclined to the upper air outlet.

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