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Cooling Tower Gearbox For Marley

Cooling Tower Gearbox For Marley

Marley gearbox reducer is a kind of reduction equipment used for cooling tower. It adopts two-stage (spiral bevel / spiral) gear to reduce the speed. Its structure is simple and reliable. Compared with low-level gear set, it has longer service life and reduces the sound by more than 30%.

Cooling Tower Gearbox For Marley

Repair And Daily Maintenance Of Cooling Tower Gearbox For Marley

Attention should be paid to the maintenance of cooling tower gearbox: keep the gear reducer clean and dust-free. Always check the appearance of the gear reducer for misaligned parts. Thickener reducers usually check whether the bearings have been replaced or refueled, and check the incoming terminals.


If the gear condition is to be maintained, the gear reducer of thickener will run continuously, so routine maintenance is very important. Thickener reducer gear reducer work, please pay attention to the working environment, do not excessive turbulence, so as not to damage or shorten the gear reducer.


Check the appearance, whether the fan works normally, whether there is abnormal vibration, whether the coupling is reliable, whether the base is fixed, whether the bearing works normally (listen to the sound), whether the temperature is normal (infrared thermometer), whether the current is normal (clamp type ammeter) the reducer must also check the carbon brush and slip ring. If on the one hand there is an abnormality, the gear reducer must be repaired quickly.

Maintenance Method Of Cooling Tower Gearbox For Marley

a. The selected power is too large; Solution: re select or add cooling device


b. The bearing is overheated; The reason is that the axial clearance is too small; Solution - readjust the bearing clearance.


c. Poor lubrication (too slow speed, less oil and others); Solution - oil properly or use other lubrication methods.


d. The coaxiality error of coupling is too large; Solution - adjust the coupling.


e. Premature wear and broken teeth of gears; The reason is the excessive power; Solution - retype.

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