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Open Circuit Cooling Tower

Open Circuit Cooling Tower

The open cooling tower has no air duct, the ventilation of the cooling tower depends on the natural wind force, and the cooling tower is equipped with a hundred leaf windows around the drenching filler. The type of open circuit cooling tower has an open recirculating cooling water system. It is used to spray the circulating water into the filler of fiberglass and spray through the water to contact with the air, so as to achieve heat exchange. The fan circulate the air flow in the tower and bring out the hot air flow after heat exchange with the water so as to achieve cooling.

Open circuit cooling tower includes round cooling tower, square counter flow cooling tower and square cross flow cooling tower.

Types of Open Circuit Cooling Tower

Open Circuit Cooling Tower Diagram

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Advantages of Open Recirculating Cooling Water System

a. The open cooling tower has the advantages of simple structure and low cost.

b. Easy to clean, maintain and repair.

c. Open cooling tower is one of the most commonly used cooling equipment in the early stage

d. Most of the open cooling towers use glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is a kind of reinforced plastics with glass fiber or its products as reinforcement materials. It has the corrosion resistance of glass and the hardness of steel, so the production cost is relatively low.

Why Choose Open Loop Cooling Tower?

Open circuit cooling tower is a kind of environmental protection cooling equipment with low cost, excellent performance and wide range of application. We usually use open circuit cooling tower in industrial cooling. What's more, the open circuit cross flow cooler price is affordable.

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