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Round Cooling Tower

Round Cooling Tower

The round cooling tower uses the contact between air and water to cool the water, and uses water as the circulating coolant to absorb heat from the tower and discharge it to the atmosphere, so as to reduce the air temperature in the round shape cooling tower and produce cooling water for recycling. Its shape is "round", so it is called round cooling tower. The bottle type cooling tower is suitable for small and medium-sized circulating cooling water system with water quantity and multi-source distributed layout.

As a professional cooling tower supplier, we are making every effort to provide you with different types of cooling towers used in industries, such as Round Counter Flow Cooling Tower(AB) and Round Counter Flow High Temperature Resistant Cooling Tower(GAB).

Two Types of Cooling Towers

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What is FRP Round Cooling Tower

FRP round cooling tower means fiberglass reinforced plastic cooling tower innovated in a special way for heat exchange. Through this way, it can allow air and water to come into contact with each other and then make the hot water at a  lower temperature. FRP round cooling tower is considered as a heat rejection device where wase heat will be rejected to the atmosphere through the aid of a cooling water stream towards a lower temperature. It is usually used in oil refineries, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, thermal power stations and so on.

The Difference Between a Round Cooling Tower and a Square Cooling Tower

Round cooling tower: high-efficiency control of water temperature and low cost.

Square cooling tower: low noise, convenient maintenance and relatively high cost

Advantage of FRP Round Cooling Tower

a. Reliable operation, durable and convenient assembly;

b. The water collecting bucket has a large capacity and is equipped with manual and automatic water replenishment device and sewage and overflow pipe, without the need to design water tank separately;

c. Low cost, lightweight, small wind resistance and good stability;

d. The FRP round cooling tower has good stability and strength and can withstand the earthquake crack degree of 8 and 12 typhoon.

Why Choose Round Cooling Tower?

The round cooling tower produced by our company is suitable for small and medium-sized circulating cooling water system with water quantity and multi-source distributed layout, and the layout is very flexible and convenient. Round cooling tower is more classic, technology has become mature, widely used in the market, popular product cost is relatively low.

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