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Square Cooling Tower

Square Cooling Tower

The square cooling tower is a kind of cooling water equipment, which can be divided into counter flow and cross flow type cooling tower. Because this type of cooling tower has a square appearance, it is called a square cooling tower or a rectangular cooling tower, which can be connected in parallel. The square shape cooling tower is widely used in air conditioning, power plant, refrigeration, plastic chemical industry and other fields.

Types of Square Type Cooling Tower

Advantage of Square Shape Cooling Tower

a.Reliable: the unique and rational design of the external turbine is installed outside the air duct of the cooling tower, which is convenient for maintenance and repair. The structure is the same as that of the traditional cooling tower motor and reducer. The mechanical noise and failure rate of the traditional motor are eliminated, and the operation is stable and reliable.

b.Cooling efficiency guarantee: with the change of season, the cooling system will change. Three brake valves are specially designed for the external turbine to make the fan speed increase or decrease with the increase or decrease of circulating water flow and the air volume increase or decrease so that the air-water ratio of the cooling tower is stable in the best state and the best operation effect is achieved

c.Environmental protection: after the external turbine replaces the motor, square cooling tower or a rectangular cooling tower can reduce the mechanical noise and vibration, and reduce the user's energy.

d.Energy saving: make full use of the return water pressure of the circulating water system to convert it into mechanical energy, and replace the motor drive with the external turbine to achieve 100% energy saving.

e.Safety: fundamentally eliminate the motor, electric control and leakage damage, provide a guarantee for safe and continuous operation, can be safely operated in any explosion-proof environment.

Why Choose Retangular Cooling Tower?

As a professional cooling tower manufacturer, our company specializes in the production of square cooling tower also known as rectangular cooling tower, corrosion resistance, high strength, lightweight, small size, less occupation, beautiful, and transportation, installation and maintenance are more convenient, so it is used in air conditioning refrigeration, electric power, textile, chemical, injection molding and other industries, cooling water circulation system is suitable. Products maded by our cooling tower company are well received by users for their excellent performance, high quality and low price.

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