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Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower(AF)

Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower(AF)

The square counter flow cooling tower, as the name suggests, its overall shape is square, can be cuboid, can also be a cube. In the process of circulating water and air exchange, water flows from top to bottom under the action of nozzle and gravity, and the flow direction is certain. The wind action produced by the fan can be from bottom to top, which is opposite to the flow direction of water, which is called "counterflow"; the square counter flow cooling tower has low consumption and is often used for cooling refrigeration equipment and industrial large and medium-sized machines.

Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower(AF)

Why Choose Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower?

Under the same conditions, the filler volume of the square counter flow tower and square cross flow tower is about 20% smaller, so the cooling efficiency of the heat exchange process is higher. In addition, the square induced draft counter flow cooling tower water distribution system is not easy to block, the drenching filler is not easy to keep clean and aging, the moisture backflow is small, and the anti-freezing and deicing measures are easier.

Advantage of Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower

a. Beautiful and durable. The surface is made of imported colored gel coat, containing ultraviolet absorbers, bright and clean as a mirror, anti-aging, and difficult to fade. The color of the tower can be selected according to the user's requirements.

b. Environmental protection and low noise. The use of a low-speed fan, high water induced anechoic pad, streamline water collector, effectively control the impact of the cooling tower on the environment.

c. Low operation cost. The selection of energy-saving large diameter fan has the advantages of large air volume, small power, and low energy consumption, which can effectively save the operation cost for users; the multi-speed motor can be selected according to the requirements of users, which can adjust the air volume according to the change of ambient temperature, so as to further reduce the operation cost.

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