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Square Counter Flow Non-basin Cooling Tower(AFW)

Square Counter Flow Non-basin Cooling Tower(AFW)

The square counter flow non-basin cooling tower refers to the cooling tower without a basin. Its principle is the same as a counter-flow square tower. The water flow falls vertically in the tower, and the direction of airflow is opposite to that of water flow. The water exchanges heat and mass with the air flowing through it, resulting in a drop in water temperature.

Square Counter Flow Non-basin Cooling Tower(AFW)

Parameter Of Square Counter Flow Non-Basin Cooling Tower


Precautions for installation of Square Counter Flow Non-Basin Cooling Tower

A、 Appropriate installation site should be selected

The ground bearing capacity should refer to the operating weight of the cooling tower and the design installation coefficient to check the bearing capacity of the installation foundation.

Environmental conditions:

a. The short distance between the air inlet end and adjacent buildings shall not be less than 1.5 times the tower height.

b. It should not be installed in substations, boiler, and other places with a heat source. Keep the top of the tower away from an open fire.

c. It should not be installed in places where corrosive gas exists, such as chimneys and hot springs.

B、 Installation instructions:

a. The foundation of the counterflow cooling tower shall be embedded with a horizontal steel plate according to the specified size. The height of each foundation surface shall be on the same horizontal plane, and the elevation error shall be within 1 mm, and the middle error of the intersection shall be within 2 mm.

b. The tower body should be placed horizontally, and the whole foundation should be built if possible.

c. When installing the water tower, the installation personnel should step on the reinforcing ribs of the chassis to avoid crushing the chassis. In addition, when installing the card shell, chassis and other fiber arts, the screws should be inserted first, and then gradually tightened in order to avoid deformation of the shell and chassis. Confirm that the chassis is not deformed, and the contact area and nearby are clean. Only when it is dry can the fiber blanket and resin be set at the joint to avoid water leakage.

Square Counter Flow Non-Basin Cooling Tower

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