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Wet And Dry Cooling Tower

Wet And Dry Cooling Tower

The wet and dry cooling tower is actually a combination of a closed cooling tower, cooler and wet cooling tower. The wet and dry cooling tower is a horizontal evaporative cooling tower. The process fluid flows through the pipe and the air flows outside the pipe. They are not in contact with each other. The wet and dry cooling tower is suitable for various cooling systems with high requirements for circulating water quality.

Types of Wet Cooling Tower and Dry Cooling Tower

What is Wet Dry Cooling Tower?

A wet dry cooling tower is a cooling process that supports both running of a water-cooled condensor and an air-cooled condenser at the same time. The synergy of the process is the combination of two mature cooling processes, taking advantage of dry and wet cooling.

Advantages of Wet and Dry Cooling Tower

a.The process of water evaporation and air cooling, heat and mass transfer are integrated, and the fin precooling section and water film evaporation section of air cooling are combined to enhance heat transfer.

b.The overall investment cost of the system is less, the operation fault is less, the maintenance time is short, and the operation cost is low.

c.The process fluid can be condensed and cooled at one time without installing other cooling devices and cooling towers.

d.Reasonable heat load ratio, effective precooling measures for the inlet medium, avoiding the scaling sensitive area outside the tube, greatly reducing the scaling phenomenon in the evaporation section.

e.The combination of air cooling and evaporative cooling has a wide range of application, good performance of demisting and antiscaling, and can realize dry operation without water in winter, which greatly saves water consumption and operation cost.

f.Using frequency conversion and other automatic control technology, the process index control is accurate.

g.The flexible design of coil bundle can effectively eliminate the thermal stress in the process of equipment manufacturing and operation.

h.Modular design, easy to manufacture, install, repair and maintain.

Why Choose Wet Dry Cooling Tower?

The wet and dry cooling tower completely eliminates the harm of the cooling water system caused by sundries and scale. The softened cooling water circulates in the closed circuit in the system and does not directly contact the external environment. The wet and dry cooling tower eliminates the efficiency reduction and dirty fault caused by floating objects, dust and harmful ions entering the cooling water system and accumulating. The wet and dry cooling tower can not only save energy but also maintain water quality.

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