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Wet Cooling Tower

Wet Cooling Tower

Wet cooling tower refers to a cooling tower with external spray and relying on water evaporation for cooling. The heat is carried out by the cooling liquid and dissipated in the air through conduction and evaporation, which is called wet cooling.

Wet cooling tower includes round cooling tower, square cross flow cooling tower and square counter flow cooling tower.

Types of Wet Cooling Tower

Wet Cooling Tower Diagram

Square Counter Flow Cooling Tower DiagramSquare Cross Flow Cooling Tower Diagram

Wet Cooling Tower Design

The wet cooling tower can make use of water to cool machineries that heat up and use the natural  evaporation process to cool machinery. These towers rely on the heat exchange between the machinery, the water in the tower, and the air passing through the tower.

Advantages of Natural Draft Wet Cooling Tower

a. The structure of the whole wet cooling tower is light and exquisite, easy to assemble, strong and durable, with a good cooling effect.

b. The natural draft wet cooling tower is beautiful and durable, convenient for logistics transportation, assembly and maintenance.

c. The cooling tower has high heat exchange efficiency, the limit temperature of water cooling is the wet bulb temperature of the air.

Why Choose Wet Cooling Tower System?

The wet cooling tower includes a circular cooling tower, a square cross flow cooling tower, and a square counter flow cooling tower. Compared with dry cooling tower, the wet cooling tower has smaller volume and higher heat dissipation efficiency, which can effectively control water pollution. The wet cooling tower is widely used in every department of the national economy, especially in cooling water circulation systems.

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