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Quality Control

Quality Control

"Quality first, customer first" is our eternal business philosophy. Zhejiang Aoshuai Refrigeration Co., Ltd. has been established for 12 years. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality certification system. Whether it is the raw materials purchased or the products being produced, we have undergone strict testing to ensure that the product quality is qualified.

For products, we have the following quality tests:

A.Chassis water leakage test:

We usually test the cooling tower chassis for water leakage, fill the whole chassis with water to see if there is water leakage. In case of water leakage, the treatment method is to drain the water in the pool, dry the pool wall with a blowtorch, air pump, etc., and smooth it with an angle grinder. Under the condition of ensuring that the base course is dry and free of floating dust, brush the first coat of polyester coating, roll 500 wide fiber cloth from the pool wall to the bottom layer, and roll it to 100 high below the top of the pool wall; After the first painting, one-day interval, after covering the first coating with non-woven fabric, brush the second coating, the same as the first coating. The tank wall and the inner wall of the outlet valve well are fully made of polyester coating.

B.Dynamic balance test of cooling tower fan:

The fan is equipped with a vibration detection probe at the vertical position of the input shaft bearing box, which can be used to collect the fan vibration speed. When the vibration is abnormal, the spectrum analysis and diagnosis can be carried out. After confirming that the vibration is caused by the unbalance of the rotor, the on-site dynamic balancing can be started to eliminate the vibration.

C.Waterproof test of motor shell:

Generally, the airtightness and waterproof detection of the motor shells can be realized by a set of airtightness and waterproof detection equipment. The parameters of the airtightness and waterproof detection equipment of the motor shell can be set according to the requirements. In other words, the key of the airtightness and waterproof detection of a motor shell lies in the auxiliary fixed fixture, It is necessary to customize the corresponding mold for the airtightness and waterproof inspection tooling of the motor shell, put the product into the mold, press the upper mold down to fix the product, and set the test port. The test is carried out by means of inflation. The test pressure is 250kPa, the inflation time is 10s, the pressure stabilization time is 10s, the test time is 5S, and the leakage value is 0.05kpa. OK, / ng products can be quickly detected by using the sensors in the motor enclosure airtightness detection equipment, and the motor enclosure airtightness and waterproof detection equipment uses compressed air, which can realize the fast motor enclosure airtightness and waterproof detection.

New anticorrosive materials are recommended:Hot dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing is an effective metal anti-corrosion material, which is mainly used in the metal structure facilities of various industries. It is to immerse the steel parts after rust removal into the molten zinc at about 500 ℃, so as to attach zinc layer on the surface of steel members, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

Quality always comes first. Quality has always been a long-term commitment of the coach. We have been practicing in the production process....

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