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Reasons and Solutions for Heating Faults of Cooling Tower Motors

Reasons and Solutions for Heating Faults of Cooling Tower Motors

The cooling tower motor is a new type of special motor for cooling towers that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly with high efficiency. In recent years, cooling tower motors have been widely used in industrial circulating cooling water systems of enterprises, and have been vigorously promoted and recognized by the market. The design idea and structure of the cooling tower motor fully consider the use environment of the cooling tower motor, and it is reasonably matched with the cooling tower in terms of sealing, high temperature resistance, waterproofness, reliability, etc., and fully meets the protection requirements of long-term outdoor operation in humid and high temperature environments. It has reached the international advanced level and is a new type of cooling tower motor.

1. The installation types that the cooling tower motors adopt

(1) The special motor for cooling tower adopts the single-winding variable scheme design, and the material utilization rate is high. Compared with the ordinary double-winding motor, its efficiency and power factor are significantly improved. It matches well with the fan load and is more suitable for the drive of cooling tower fans.

(2) The winding of the cooling tower motor generally adopts F insulation, which further improves the insulation performance of the special motor for the cooling tower and greatly improves the reliability of its operation.

(3) The special motor for cooling tower has the characteristics of low noise, small vibration, good waterproofness and low power consumption during operation. The special motor for cooling tower has speed regulation performance while saving energy, and can better meet the needs of modern social life.

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2. Reasons and solutions for the heating failure of the cooling tower motor

(1) The voltage is too high or too low. Under a specific load, if the voltage fluctuation range should be outside +10% to -5% of the rated value, it will cause the motor to overheat; If the balance exceeds 5%, it will cause overheating of the windings; for phase-open operation, experience has shown that more than 85% of agricultural motors are burned out due to phase-open operation. A phase-open protection device should be installed on the motor.

(2) Use unsuitable power, small horse-drawn carts, and cooling tower motors for long-term overload operation, which will make the motor temperature too high; motors with too frequent starting and short-term or intermittent duty system work continuously. The number of starts should be limited, the thermal protection should be selected correctly, and the motor should be used according to the rated rating on the motor.

(3) The connection method is wrong, and the △ shape is mistakenly connected to a Y shape, so that the temperature of the motor of the cooling tower rises rapidly; the stator winding has interphase short circuit, interturn short circuit or partial grounding, the motor is partially overheated in light cases, and the insulation is burned out in serious cases; The squirrel cage rotor is broken or defective, the motor in the cooling tower runs for 1 to 2 hours, and the temperature of the iron core rises rapidly; if the ventilation system fails, check whether the fan of the cooling tower is damaged, whether the rotation direction is correct, and the ventilation of the cooling tower whether the hole is blocked; the bearing wear and the eccentric sweep of the rotor make the iron core of the stator and rotor rub against each other and make a metal impact sound. The temperature of the iron core rises rapidly.

(4) The motor winding is damp or dust, oil, etc. adhere to the winding, resulting in a decrease in insulation. The insulation resistance of the motor should be measured and cleaned and dried; the ambient temperature is too high. When the ambient temperature exceeds 35 ℃, the inlet air temperature is high, which will make the motor temperature of the cooling tower too high, and efforts should be made to improve its working environment.

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