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Structural Characteristics of Round Cooling Tower

Structural Characteristics of Round Cooling Tower

The round cooling tower adopts counter-flow gas heat exchange technology. The main body adopts all-steel structure, glass steel plate protection, and the tower body is equipped with maintenance escalators for the normal maintenance and management of the equipment on the top of the tower. The filler adopts high-quality modified PVC inclined ladder wave plates to diffuse the water spray area; through the rotating water distribution or tube water distribution method, the water distribution is uniform and the cooling effect is enhanced. Its shape is "circular", hence the name round cooling tower. The structural characteristics of the round cooling tower are as follows:

(1) Panel: FRP round cooling tower is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, with smooth and beautiful surface, corrosion resistance and anti-aging.

(2) Filler: It is a modified polyvinyl chloride two-way point wave plate, with good thermal performance, low airflow resistance, good rigidity, heat resistance of 75 ℃, cold resistance, and flame retardant.

(3) Fan: The material of the round cooling tower blades is ABS and aluminum alloy aluminum plate. The fan has the characteristics of reasonable aerodynamic force, large air volume, high efficiency, low noise and corrosion resistance.

(4)Motor and reducer: NGW type cooling tower special low-noise planetary gear reducer. The gear material of this reducer is exquisitely selected and the manufacturing process is strict. After machining, it is quenched and tempered, carburized, quenched and other heat treatments. All gears Finally, gear processing (external teeth) is carried out to ensure the overall quality of the reducer. Due to the planetary gear transmission, it can withstand high-speed load-bearing, and has the advantages of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, stable operation, and low noise. The matching motor is a three-phase asynchronous motor dedicated to YCCL series cooling towers.

(5) Water distribution tank: made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the round cooling tower has uniform water distribution, ultra-low noise type, with a cover plate to block the light, prevent debris from flying in, and reduce splashing water.

(6) Muffler cover: FRP material, internally glued cavity type flame-retardant PVC film muffler material.

(7) Water tank: made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which plays a role of water collection, is equipped with automatic water replenishment facilities, and can directly absorb water in a closed loop.

(8) Skeleton: The round cooling tower is a folded-edge steel assembly structure, which has good rigidity, light weight, convenient transportation and installation, and hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion.

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