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Technical Requirements and Maintenance Methods for High-quality Industrial Cooling Towers

Technical Requirements and Maintenance Methods for High-quality Industrial Cooling Towers

Industrial cooling towers are common refrigeration equipment. They are cold and heat exchange equipment in which cooling water and air are in direct contact. They are composed of cooling tower fans, cooling tower fillers, water distribution systems, tower bodies, water pans, and other components. After installing general industrial cooling towers, the debris and dirt on the pipes, water collectors, filling surfaces, and collecting basins should be carefully removed to avoid blockages.

Ⅰ. Technical performance requirements for high-quality industrial cooling towers

1. Fans of industrial cooling towers

The industrial cooling tower fan should be a high-performance aluminum alloy impeller axial fan. The fan is equipped with an outlet air guide and an outer air guide tube to ensure ventilation efficiency. A protective cover is installed on the top to prevent foreign matter from entering the tower, which is a low noise fan.

2. The fan drive of the industrial cooling tower

The belt drive is adopted. The drive belt is not allowed to adopt multiple split forms. It should be a single-piece multi-slot conjoined belt to ensure that the continuous service life is not less than 40,000 hours and ensure the constant and reliable operation of the cooling tower. The belt material is a high-strength neoprene polyester material with built-in reinforcement, resisting aging and water erosion.

Ⅱ. Maintenance methods of industrial cooling tower

The industrial cooling tower such as mechanical cooling tower, open cooling tower, closed cooling tower, round cooling tower and wet cooling tower, is common refrigeration equipment, mainly refers to the cold and heat exchange equipment in direct contact between cooling water and air. It comprises a cooling tower fan, cooling tower packing, water distribution system, tower body, water pan, and other components. To be able to use this device better, it needs to be maintained.

Before using the cooling tower, a trial run should be carried out. Check whether the fan and tower body is installed smoothly, whether the water distributor is running normally, whether the nozzle is evenly distributed, whether the motor is tightly protected from moisture, etc. Attention should also be paid to the operation of the fan, including current, voltage, fan vibration, noise, gear oil level, whether there is oil leakage or loose belt drive, whether there is slippage, whether the water distribution is normal, etc. The gearbox uses 20# mechanical oil or gear oil. Except for the usual constant filling to the specified oil level, it should be replaced every year after continuous operation. The belt drive bearing seat should be filled with lubricating grease, usually once a month with a lubricating gun. After one year of continuous operation, all of it should be disassembled, washed, and replaced. Always pay attention to the tightening of the connecting parts and bolts.

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