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Two Structural Designs of Cooling Tower

Two Structural Designs of Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are used to cool and circulate water in environments such as oil refineries, petrochemicals and other chemical plants. There are two types of cooling tower designs, including closed circuit cooling tower systems and open-circuit cooling water systems. Both designs have the same purpose; the only difference is that they cool the water in different ways.

1. Structural design of open circuit cooling tower

The open circuit cooling tower is designed as a closed structure, distributing warm water on the filling, providing an extended air-water interface, allowing the air to heat and evaporate. The pool below collects the cold water that falls from the filling during cooling. The humid air is discharged into the atmosphere.

2. Structural design of closed circuit cooling tower

The closed circuit cooling tower has two independent fluid circuits, and there is no contact between the water and the fluid being cooled. One circuit is for fluid recirculation, and the second circuit is a bunch of pipes through which hot water flows. Here, the cooling water has no chance to come into direct contact with the air.

When buying a cooling tower, you must consider many factors when choosing the right type. Each type of work is different and has its own advantages!

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