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What Matters Should be Paid Attention to When Selecting an Industrial Cooling Tower?

What Matters Should be Paid Attention to When Selecting an Industrial Cooling Tower?

(1) The structural material of the tower body of the industrial cooling tower should be stable, durable, corrosion-resistant, and accurate in assembly and coordination.

(2) Uniform water distribution, less wall flow, reasonable selection of splashing devices, and not easy to be blocked.

(3) The type of cooling tower water spray filler meets the requirements of water quality and water temperature.

(4) The fan is matched, and the industrial water cooling tower can ensure long-term normal operation, without vibration and abnormal noise, and the blades have good water erosion resistance and sufficient strength. The installation angle of the fan blades is adjustable, but the angles must be consistent, and the current of the motor does not exceed the rated current of the motor.

(5) Low power consumption and low cost. Small and medium-sized steel frame glass cooling towers also require light weight.

(6) Industrial cooling towers, for example, wet cooling tower, open cooling tower, round cooling tower and mechanical draught cooling tower, should try to avoid placing them near heat sources, waste gas and flue gas generating points, chemical storage places and coal piles.

(7) For the distance between cooling towers or between towers and other buildings, in addition to considering the ventilation requirements of the tower and the mutual influence between the tower and the building, the safety distance for fire and explosion protection of the building and the construction and maintenance of the cooling tower should also be considered. Request.

(8) The direction of the inlet pipe of the cooling tower can be rotated at 90°, 180°, 270°.

(9) The material of the cooling tower can withstand the low temperature of -50℃, but for areas where the monthly average temperature in winter is lower than -10℃, it should be stated when ordering, so that anti-icing measures can be taken. The cost of cooling towers increased by about 3%.

(10) The turbidity of the circulating water of the industrial cooling tower is not more than 50mg/l, and it should not be more than 100mg/l in the short term. It should not contain oil and mechanical impurities. If necessary, measures to kill algae and stabilize water quality should be taken.

(11) The water distribution system is designed according to the nominal water volume. If the actual water volume differs from the nominal water volume by more than ±15%, it should be stated when ordering to modify the design.

(12) During the storage and transportation of cooling tower components, no heavy objects should be placed on them, no exposure to the sun, and fire prevention should be paid attention to. During the installation, transportation and maintenance of the cooling tower, no open flames such as electric welding shall be used, and no firecrackers or fireworks shall be set off nearby.

(13) Multi-tower design for round towers, the net distance between the tower and the tower should be kept not less than 0.5 times the diameter of the tower body. Cross-flow towers and counter-current square towers can be arranged side by side.

(14) The selected water pump should be matched with the cooling tower to ensure the flow rate, head and other process requirements.

(15) When choosing multiple industrial cooling towers, use the same model as much as possible.

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